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Principales populations migrantes (2020)

Droits de santé des migrants

Demandeurs d'asile During the asylum application processing period (3 months), asylum seekers have the right to receive free of charge emergency medical assistance and social services at the Aliens’ Registration Centre or Refugees’ Reception Centre.

Réfugiés Can access free healthcare provided by the Lithuanian state during their period of integration. During the period of integration, refugees are insured with compulsory health insurance from funds allocated for integration. After the integration is over, general health insurance rules apply. Refugees that are employed are insured with compulsory health insurance with employer’s funds, those engaged in individual activities cover insurance by themselves, while those registered at labour exchange are insured with State funds.

Migrants sans papiers Can access emergency care free of charge. They may access primary and secondary care in return for payment of the full cost.  

Dépistage et traitement du VIH

Dépistage Free only for pregnant women, prisoners, blood and organ donors and other vulnerable groups. It is done via NGOs and is confidential. Use the aidsmap European test finder pour voir où vous pouvez vous faire tester pour le VIH. 

Traitement: Free for all, although access is limited for those in prison.

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