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In 2022, we are coordinating a community-led initiative to address the gaps in the HIV cascade of care amongst key migrant communities across 10 European countries with a high prevalence of HIV. It is well documented that migrants are diagnosed later than nationals, and we are delivering activities that are appropriate to the needs of the diverse communities that our partnership represents to overcome some of the barriers that migrants face both in terms of service provision and uptake of HIV testing services. 

We hope that our partnership will result in community-driven solutions that reach migrant communities at a time when the same social, political and economic inequalities that increase vulnerability to HIV and other risks are deepening across the region. We believe that effective, agile partnerships that resource frontline organisations across jurisdictions have the potential to address the worsening precarity of migrants and other vulnerable groups everywhere. 

We are using our positions in our communities to engage migrants in HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care.

We are using our positions in our communities to engage migrants in HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care and to develop and disseminate tailored educational materials informing migrants of their healthcare rights and the HIV resources available to them locally.

We are also facilitating community exchange forums to share best practice amongst our partner organisations. Connecting our partners with others working at the grassroots level in challenging environments with limited resources and supports strengthens us all. 

We are a partnership of 10 organisations:

Greece: Open Paths Athens

Cyprus: AIDS Solidarity Movement

France: Association PASTT

Germany: Afrikaherz

Netherlands: Stichting African Foundation Against AIDS (Stichting AFAA)

Sweden: Noaks Ark Mosaik

Portugal: Portuguese Foundation “A Community Against AIDS” (FPCCSIDA)

Italy: Associazione LHIVE

Belgium: Plateforme Prevention SIDA

England: Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF)

Collectively we support the following key groups of migrants: asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons, trans and LGBTQI+ sex workers, sub-Saharan African migrants and MSM.

We welcome you to contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about our Mi-Health HIV Partnership.

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