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Healthcare rights of migrants

Asylum seekers: Access to healthcare for asylum seekers covers the right to receive free primary care and appropriate treatment, emergency hospital care and free healthcare and treatment in cases of acute or chronic illnesses considered imminently life threatening through the national emergency healthcare system and qualified first aid. Asylum seekers have the right to be included in national public health programmes aimed at preventing, monitoring and controlling contagious diseases in epidemiological risk situations. They may also benefit from the same rights and benefits as nationals once they are assigned a personal identification number.

Refugees: Refugees with residence in Romania are obliged to have social insurance, to which their employers contribute an amount specifically intended for health insurance purposes. Refugees who pay their medical insurance are to benefit from free national health care. They may also access financial assistance or free basic healthcare through the UNHCR.

Undocumented migrants: Have access to medical care and services free of charge within the framework of detention centres.

HIV testing and treatment

Testing: Free for those with health insurance. People who are uninsured will have to pay 15 Euro (50 RON). Use the European test finder to see where you can get tested for HIV.

Treatment: Free for those with health insurance.

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