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Healthcare rights of migrants

Asylum seekers: Asylum seekers are exempt from health service charges in Latvia, including co-payment for prescription medicines. They can also access dental care free of charge.

Refugees: Refugees lawfully staying in Latvia are entitled to the same health care benefits as nationals. This includes mental healthcare and treatment for people with special needs, such as pregnant women. Medical services are financed from the state budget and co-financed by patients. Children, pregnant women, women in the post-delivery period of up to 42 days, persons who have been politically repressed, persons with psychiatric disorders and persons receiving emergency medical care can receive healthcare free of charge.

Undocumented migrants: Can only access emergency medical care. 

HIV testing and treatment


Testing is free for risk groups (e.g. sex workers, young people, MSM). For other groups, it is free and anonymous at 17 HIV prevention stations across Latvia. In case a positive result has been confirmed, the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) has to inform a general practitioner and report it to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC). Use the European test finder to see where you can get tested for HIV. 

Treatment: Treatment is only free for Latvian citizens.

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  • Shelter Safe House

    предлагает поддержку жертвам торговли людьми, законным иммигрантам, включая лиц, ищущих убежища, беженцев и лиц, которым предоставлен статус дополнительной защиты. Предлагает обучение, а также услуги по реабилитации и интеграции.

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