Независимый консультативный совет:

Composed of independent experts on policy, migrant health, HIV/AIDS, capacity building and those with lived experience of irregular migrants, the Migrant Health Advisory Board champions our work across the region.

Рабочая группа по политике и исследованиям:

состоящая из опытных исследователей, сторонников политики и тех, кто работает на низовом уровне. Эта группа выступает за исследования и политику, способствующие улучшению здоровья мигрантов.

Mi-Health Europe Steering Committee

Composed of representatives of our partner organisations, the Committee provides overall strategic leadership and direction. It ensures that we cultivate a robust network of advocates and organisations across the European region committed to exchanging best practice and advancing innovative solutions to the health and social challenges impacting migrants.

Команда Mi-Health:

Ensures that the materials, resources and strategy developed across the platform are aligned with the goals of Mi-Health Europe, facilitates the efforts of the Working Groups and manages the online resource directory of partner organisations and the day-to-day operations of the platform.

  • Денис Оньянго

    Programmes Director

    London, UK

    Денис Оньянго

  • Anna Birnkammer

    Mi-Health Programme Officer

    Sachsenhausen-Waldeck, Germany

    Anna Birnkammer

  • Энн Флаэрти-Гупта

    Mi-Health Programme Manager

    London, UK

    Энн Флаэрти-Гупта

  • Fatima Kaneez

    Mi-Health Europe Intern

    Birmingham, UK

    Fatima Kaneez



This initiative has been independently developed by AAF. Mi-Care has been made possible through sponsorship from Gilead Sciences Europe, ViiV Healthcare Europe and Merck Sahrpe & Dohme Europe. Mi-Health Europe has been made possible through sponsorship from Open Society Foundations. The Mi-Health HIV Partnership has been made possible by Gilead Sciences Europe. AAF acknowledges that Gilead Sciences Europe, ViiV Healthcare Europe, Merck Sahrpe & Dohme Europe and Open Society Foundations have not have any control or input into the structure or content of the initiatives.

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