World AIDS Day 2022: what if the result is positive?


By: Lissilanne Silva (@lissilanne)

Close to 2 million people became infected with HIV in 2021, adding up to the global estimation of the 38 million people currently living with the virus.

As World AIDS Day is celebrated this month, now is the time for reflection and urgent action. Today, as we write this piece of message, we wish to draw attention and raise awareness to action we all should take regardless any HIV result.

 We need to educate ourselves

Regardless of all medical breakthroughs, there are still many myths and misconception about HIV. The impact of this is highly detrimental as it not only keeps people from seeking appropriate HIV care but also from disclosing the status out of fear. Stigma kills. Stigma prevents people from coming forward and seeking help.

Our status, our health: test always

Access to HIV treatment is free in the United Kingdom regardless your immigration status (and you can find information on other EU/EEA countries здесь.). Antiretroviral therapy or ART is available for those that know their status. This is the only way to keep a healthier life for years. It´s been proven that early access to treatment offers greater benefits as treatment helps reducing viral load (which is the amount HIV in the blood), reduces the appearance of other HIV-related illness and prevents transmission to others. HIV preventing medicine is available called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and is highly effective.


  1. HIV diagnosis is not a death sentence (anymore)
  2. U = U
  3. HIV ≠ AIDS
  4. You can live healthier with a positive HIV diagnosis
  5. Appropriate HIV care is available
  6. Safe sex always regardless of the status
  7. Stand for zero discrimination and stigma
  8. You can get pregnant and have kids (if you wish)
  9. You’re entitled to privacy (regardless)

At Mi Health Europe, we work with diverse communities to ensure that information is accessible and embraced. We share out available services and respect your privacy.

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