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Healthcare rights of migrants

Asylum seekers: The law restricts healthcare for asylum seekers to instances of acute diseases or pain, for which necessary medical or dental treatment has to be provided.

Refugees: Refugees are not entitled to the German statutory health insurance scheme, but are entitled to medical treatment for acute illnesses, medical care for pregnant women and those who have recently given birth, basic dental care, preventive vaccinations and other essential medical services for a particular illness. After spending more than 15 months in Germany, they can enjoy the same benefits as German citizens.

Undocumented migrants:  Undocumented migrants have access to emergency care and several categories of planned care for those who possess a medical card. It is important to know however that to obtain a medical card, undocumented migrants must apply at the welfare office. The welfare office must report the individual to the authorities, which may lead to deportation.

HIV testing and treatment

Testing: Free in certain places. Some public health centres may charge fees due to health insurance needing a name to pay for the testing fees. Testing is anonymous if you go to an NGO. However, if getting tested at a clinic, testing is only anonymous for a certain fee. Use the European test finder to see where you can get tested for HIV.

Treatment:  Free for documented citizens. Treatment is reimbursed by health insurance. Those without health insurance tend to be excluded. 

Find Help

  • CRIG e.V.

    CRIG undertakes relief efforts for orphans, vulnerable children, and handicap children, and provides medical assistance to needy children. CRIG also assists in paying school fees and school materials for children, and counsels parents on child rights.

  • GEDA e.V.

    Supports projects and activities of self-help in predominantly rural areas in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions of the world.

  • Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland

    As an umbrella organisation, the ZWST represents the Jewish communities and regional associations in the field of Jewish social work. The ZWST makes the participation and empowerment of marginalised groups within the Jewish community its core task.

  • Afrikaherz, VIA-Regionalverband Berlin/Brandenburg e.V.

    Lobby organisation for political and civil society actors that supports migrants and their families, and aims to promote intercultural integration.

  • Fixpunkt e.V.

    Fixpunkt eV is the sponsor of health promotion and addiction aid projects with a focus on “infection prophylaxis”. Areas of work are the operation of syringe machines, low-threshold mobile social work and medical support to reduce harm and infection prophylaxis in the context of drug consumption, medically supervised drug consumption, dental prophylaxis and the promotion of self-organization by drug users.


    The I Have Rights project is funded by the European Commission and the French National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme with the aim of providing secondary school teachers with the skills to deal with multicultural classrooms through the acquisition of intercultural competences based on the understanding of human rights and non-discrimination values.

  • Haus Afrika e.V.

    Promotes cultural exchange between Africa and Germany and builds a bridge between everyone who is interested in the continent of Africa, its people and its cultures.

  • Youth without borders (Jugendliche Ohne Grenzen)

    Youth without Borders (JOG) is a German-wide association of young refugees founded in 2005.

  • KOK German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings

    KOK brings together most specialised counselling centres in Germany working with victims of trafficking in human beings. KOK works in particular with female migrants.

  • DAFA e.V-Deutsch-Afrikanischer Frauenaustausch

    DAFA is active in Germany with a focus on integrating women with African roots and promoting the exchange between women in Germany and women of African descent. They mainly support single women

  • Münchner Flüchtlingsrat (Munich Refugee Council)

    The Munich Refugee Council has been working for the rights of refugees and migrants in Munich and beyond.

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