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Healthcare rights of migrants

Requerentes de asilo Are entitled to social welfare benefits and automatically insured against illness once they register as asylum seekers. After a removal order however, they are excluded from social assistance. They may access all necessary medical and dental care, which includes both basic and emergency care.


Have access to health insurance, similarly to nationals. 

Migrantes indocumentados Can access basic health insurance and if employed, they may also receive additional benefits through work. Services include primary care, secondary care, reproductive care, therapy, etc. Insurance companies are obliged to accept everyone, as long as they have resided there for at least 3 months. In order to register with an insurance company to take out basic health insurance, applicants have to provide their full name, date of birth, a contact address and a  bank  or post account (bank  account  holder  must  not  necessarily  be  the  person  insured).  In  case  the  applicant’s residence  is  not  formally  registered,  the  actual  domicile  is  to  be  considered as the place  of residence.

Teste e tratamento do HIV

Teste: Free in certain places and usually for people with limited to no financial resources, as well as vulnerable populations such as migrants or sex workers. Anonymous in hospitals. Use the European test finder para ver onde você pode fazer o teste de HIV.

Tratamento: Free for those who have private health insurance, which is normally paid via insurance premiums.  Financial assistance is available for those in need to cover a portion of insurance premiums.

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