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Healthcare rights of migrants

Requerentes de asilo Reception centres are responsible for arranging healthcare services for asylum seekers. Their entitlement to reception services ceases if their application for asylum is rejected or their temporary protection ends. Minor asylum seekers are entitled to the same healthcare services as locals. Specifically, children under 7 years receive health and development screening at child health clinics and all children are vaccinated. Additionally, vulnerable people (elderly, pregnant women, patients with disability, long-term illnesses or traumatised people) receive all necessary health services.

Refugiados Refugees who have been granted a residence permit are covered by the Finnish health insurance and are granted a Kela card, which entitles them to receive Kela reimbursements for private health care, medication and travel costs. Once a place of residence has been granted, the refugee has the right to use all public healthcare services in the same manner as other Finnish residents and for the same client fee as local residents.

Migrantes indocumentados  Can only access emergency care and are required to pay for it. 

Teste e tratamento do HIV

Teste: Free in certain places. It is also anonymous for all.  Use the European test finder para ver onde você pode fazer o teste de HIV.

Tratamento:  Free treatment for people living with HIV. Does not include undocumented migrants, unless in case of acute emergency cases, where they may access treatment within the public healthcare system. 

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  • Migrant Tales

    Uma comunidade de blogs que debate alguns dos principais problemas enfrentados por imigrantes e minorias na Finlândia e em outros lugares. Serve como uma voz para aqueles cujos pontos de vista e situação são mal compreendidos e ouvidos fracamente pela mídia, políticos e público.

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