Mi-Health HIV Partnership – Phase 2!

We are delighted to kick off the second phase of our Mi-Health HIV Partnership in the coming weeks to expand our scope and deepen our impact in the European region! Our vision remains the same: a Europe in which all migrants can realise a healthy and safe life.

We will continue to leverage the expertise and experience of frontline migrant health advocates. We know that it is this collaboration that enables us to achieve innovative solutions to migrant health inequalities in the European region. We will focus on:

  • PrEP awareness and access
  • HIV education and testing
  • HIV treatment rights
  • HIV policy

We will continue to enhance the individual and collective capacity of our Partnership by sharing resources, best practice and knowledge in order to influence and impact national and regional policy. Our goal is a European region that it is more responsive to the healthcare needs of migrants living with or at risk for HIV and who are excluded from mainstream healthcare pathways.

AAF Programmes Director Denis Onyango says, “This programme enables us to continue advocating for health equity for migrants in precarious circumstances across Europe, to press for the right to health to meaningfully extend to all regardless of migration status and to empower migrant communities. We’re looking forward to what we can achieve when migrant communities come together.”

The Mi-Health HIV Partnership is excited and determined to build on our key achievements from the first phase of our Partnership:

  • We mobilised and tested 2,402 migrants in precarious circumstances and those excluded from services for HIV and found that 154 tested positive for HIV (6.41% prevalence rate)
  • We linked 1,071 migrants into healthcare across 10 European countries
  • Our Partnership co-created and produced 54 unique HIV education resources in 9 languages and disseminated 17,020 materials to migrants
  • We built a cohesive community exchange forum that supports our frontline organisations, and 93% of our partner organisations agreed or strongly agreed that their organisations had achieved something they otherwise would not have because of their involvement with the Mi-Health HIV Partnership
  • We gathered never-before-collected, disaggregated, and high-quality data about migrants and HIV and presented our findings at three international conferences
  • We convened a first-of-its-kind summit focused on HIV in the context of migration with over 89 key delegates participating

We are ever grateful to Gilead Sciences for supporting our work, for their dedication to health equity and for supporting community-led and community-based organisations. To see a snapshot of the data on migrant HIV-related outcomes and social determinants of health that we collected during the first round of our Partnership, please flip through the tabs below.

To learn more about our Partnership or to get involved, email mihealth@africadvocacy.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

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