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Droits de santé des migrants

Demandeurs d’asile Can receive basic primary services and emergency hospital services. Asylum seekers required to apply for specialised treatment for life threatening and painful chronic diseases, which are financed by the Danish Immigration Service.

Réfugiés: Are entitled to free access to healthcare if they have been registered as residents for more than six weeks. Children under the age of 16 are covered by the same form of coverage as their parents. 

Migrants sans papiers:  Can access emergency care free of charge, which is covered by the Danish Immigration Service. They may in some circumstances access primary and secondary care in return for payment of the full cost.  They may enquire at one of the asylum centres or at the Danish Immigration Service when in need of treatment.

Dépistage et traitement du VIH

Dépistage VIH/SIDA: Free and confidential for all. Testing is available in clinics, hospitals or with general practitioners. Use the European test finder pour voir où vous pouvez vous faire tester pour le VIH. 

Traitement: Free treatment for some. Undocumented migrants are excluded.

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