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Droits de santé des migrants

Demandeurs d'asile Are entitled to basic health and mental healthcare.

Réfugiés Are entitled to benefit from national healthcare equally with nationals. 

Migrants sans papiers Can only access emergency care in return for payment of the full cost.

Dépistage et traitement du VIH

Dépistage Free in certain places. Prague tends to have better covering for HIV testing. Use the European test finder pour voir où vous pouvez vous faire tester pour le VIH.

Traitement: Free for all Czech citizens and all employees who have health insurance. Undocumented people are excluded.

Trouver de l’aide

  • Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OPU)

    Provides free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic.

  • Diakonie CCE – SCPS

    Provides specialized assistance to people seeking safety and who find themselves in unusual or emergency situations in the Czech Republic.

  • Humanitas Afrika o. p. S.

    Promotes the awareness of African, Africans and their culture in Czech society and facilitates mutual tolerance between Czechs and Africans.

  • Poradna pro integraci 

    Social, legal and educational counselling. Also helps foreigners integrate in the Czech Republic.

  • Organization of international medical graduates “Doctor Chekhov”

    Supports doctors, provisors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical specialists who come from across the world and intend to continue their careers in the Czech Republic.

  • Agency for Migration and Adaptation, z.s.

    Facilitates the integration of migrants.

  • Caritas Czech Republic

    Provides social and health services to people in Czech Republic. This includes medical care, and the distribution of food, water and clothing.

  • La Strada ČR

    Provides social assistance, counselling, and advice to victims of human trafficking.

  • Most pro o.p.s.

    Supports foreigners in the Pardubice region. Assistance is provided through professional social counselling, social activation services for families with children according to Act No. 108/2006 Coll. and educational activities for adults and children.

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