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Principales populations migrantes (2020)

Droits de santé des migrants

Demandeurs d'asile

Are entitled to the same healthcare rights as nationals. Health insurance is covered by the SAR.

Réfugiés Are entitled to the same healthcare rights as nationals. However, upon receiving refugee status, refugees that are uninsured have to pay for their own medication.

Migrants sans papiers Can access emergency care in return for payment of the full cost. 

Dépistage et traitement du VIH

Dépistage Testing is free and anonymous testing for all, when done at the Regional Health Inspectorates in district cities and in the mobile units (NGOs). Use the aidsmap European test finder pour voir où vous pouvez vous faire tester pour le VIH.

Traitement: Treatment is covered, except for undocumented persons.

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