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Principais populações migrantes

Direitos de saúde dos migrantes

Asylum seekers: Adults are entitled to emergency healthcare and dental care. They are also entitled to health check-ups upon arrival in Sweden, maternal care and assistance during delivery, contraceptive advice, abortion, treatment of infectious diseases and any other treatment that cannot wait. Each visit to the doctor costs 50 SEK and every prescribed medication is an additional 50 SEK. It is essential to prove the right to medical care by showing an LMA-card (which proves status as an asylum seeker waiting for a decision). Children and young people under 18 seeking asylum are entitled to the same healthcare and dental care rights as children who are residents in Sweden.


Refugees with a residence permit have the same access to health care as any person living in Sweden.

Imigrantes indocumentados: Can only access emergency care. They have to pay the full cost of any treatment and medicine they receive. They can obtain free medical care and psychological support through non-governmental organisations such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) or Doctors of the World. 

Teste e tratamento do HIV

Teste: Free for all. Confidential and anonymous, as long as the test is not positive. In the event that the test is positive, migrants have to register with their local hospitals in order to get treatment, in which case their identity is revealed. Use the European test finder para ver onde você pode fazer o teste de HIV. 

Tratamento: Treatment is free for all.

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  • Rosengrenska Stiftelsen

    Red voluntaria de personal sanitario en Gotemburgo que ofrece atención a los indocumentados.

  • RFSL

    Federación Sueca por los Derechos de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Transgénero, Queer e Intersex. Cuenta con una unidad de atención a víctimas del delito, una unidad educativa y certificadora y una unidad que trabaja exclusivamente en temas relacionados con el VIH y la salud.

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