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Principais populações migrantes

Direitos de saúde dos migrantes

Asylum seekers: Have the same rights and obligations in public health insurance as citizens of the Slovak Republic. Medical care for asylum seekers is covered by the state.

Refugiados: Are entitled to medical health insurance, which grants them the same rights as nationals. For refugees that are uninsured, the state shall pay their health insurance premiums.

Imigrantes indocumentados: Can access emergency care free of charge. They may also access primary and secondary care in return for payment of the full cost.within the framework of detention centres.

Teste e tratamento do HIV

Teste: Testing is free for all. Use the European test finder para ver onde você pode fazer o teste de HIV. 

Tratamento: There are 3 clinical treatment centres in Slovakia (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice).

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  • Human Rights League, Slovakia

    Ofrece asistencia legal gratuita a refugiados e inmigrantes en Eslovaquia, con respecto a la política de migración, asilo e integración. También ofrece ayuda en asuntos relacionados con el derecho de familia y laboral. 

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