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Direitos de saúde dos migrantes

Asylum seekers: The Government is responsible for the care, including the provision of economic, medical and psychosocial care, of asylum seekers and persons in temporary protection. They are entitled to compulsory health insurance to the same level as nationals in Liechtenstein. Under certain conditions, the costs for additional dental treatments, which are not covered by the compulsory health insurance, are paid.

Refugiados: Can obtain medically necessary treatment by presenting the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) whilst in Liechtenstein. Medically necessary treatment refers to treatment that cannot wait, such as in the case of an acute illness, an accident, pregnancy, childbirth or chronic illness. Anyone with the card is entitled to the same rights as locals. There is only one hospital in Liechtenstein, which is located in Vaduz. You can receive hospital treatment if you have a doctor’s referral. Additionally, you must present your EHIC card and ID at the hospital.

Imigrantes indocumentados: Are not entitled to healthcare in Liechtenstein but may seek help among NGOs. 

Teste e tratamento do HIV

Teste: Use the European test finder to see where to get tested for HIV. 

Tratamento: N/A

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