Migrant Health Training Toolkit

This toolkit offers resources and practical information for migrant health advocates working to improve the HIV-related health outcomes of migrants in precarious circumstances across the European region. These materials can be used when working directly with migrants or when engaging in HIV-, healthcare- and/or immigration-related advocacy. This toolkit draws on content from AAF and Mi-Health Europe’s annual training programme for migrant health advocates, Mi-Care.

HIV, migrant health, and immigration and healthcare policy are complex, evolving topics. Though these materials are accurate as of the dates below, this is not an exhaustive resource.

Module 1: Health Inequalities

This module covers health inequalities and the social determinants of health relevant to migrant populations, with a focus on xenophobia and discrimination.

Materials are accurate as of 2021.

Module 2: HIV Science for Communities

This module covers HIV testing, treatment and care, including explanations of ARVs, U=U, treatment for key populations and future research directions.

Materials are accurate as of 2022.

Module 3: Viral Hepatitis

This module covers viral hepatitis prevention, testing and treatment in the context of migration.

Materials are accurate as of 2022.

Module 4: An Overview of HIV Epidemiology

This module covers ECDC data for migrants on HIV epidemiology, testing and treatment.

Materials are accurate as of 2022.

Module 5: Healthcare Policy and Systems

This module covers the main international laws and frameworks governing migrant access to healthcare in Europe.

Materials are accurate as of 2021.

Module 6: Strategic Health Agendas

This module covers global healthy policy and agendas, including financing the response to HIV and strategic agendas.

Materials are accurate as of 2022.

Module 7: Migrant Health Research

This module covers HIV research on migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe, including gaps in the literature and data-driven advocacy.

Materials are accurate as of 2022.

Module 8: Migrant-led Advocacy

This module covers community-led initiatives and migrant patient empowerment.

Materials on community-led initiatives are accurate as of 2021 and materials on patient empowerment are accurate as of 2022.

Module 9: Justice and Advocacy for Change

This module covers human rights, types of justice, and advocacy frameworks and techniques for change.

Materials on advocacy frameworks are accurate as of 2022 and materials on human rights, justice and social change are accurate as of 2021.

Module 10: Digital Campaigning

This module covers communications, social media and the use of digital platforms and campaigning.

Materials are accurate as of 2021.

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