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The idea of Society Kitchen “The Other Human” Free Food For All is an action of solidarity where people come together to make food for the afflicted. Run and funded by volunteers, including people who are unemployed or homeless, the food is prepared in a public space, and while they wait for it to be cooked, they communicate with one another. The initiative also holds weekly classes for children who are dropping out of school, and runs a theatre group that provides art therapy.

Fenix – Humanitarian Legal Aid

With a team of translators, lawyers, psychologists and community ambassadors, this organisation aims to provide effective legal aid, help refugees navigate the complicated and difficult asylum process and document the human rights abuses committed against those fleeing violence in their countries. 

CHEERing (Center for Health Equity, Education and Research, International Group)

Provides prenatal counselling, infant feeding support, and training for the agencies who serve refugee families.

Positive Voice

Increases awareness and protects the rights of people living with HIV/ AIDS in Greece. It also implements actions, reaching vulnerable groups such as the homeless, substance abusers, sex workers, refugees and migrants.

Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity

Legal counselling, career counselling, informal education, and advocacy, policy and research.

Velos Youth

Velos Youth is a non-profit organisation that provides safe spaces for displaced unaccompanied children and young people on the move. They provide the latter with psychosocial support, material support, connection with services that provide health care, and legal advice.


Supports and empowers excluded and vulnerable local, migrant and refugee communities in Greece. They provide educational training programs on employability, computer skills, sales techniques and more.


Job counselling, job search services on the internet with the help of specialised counsellors, group workshops, seminars and networking activities (seeking to enhance the ability of the unemployed by vulnerable groups to enter the labour market).

Greek Forum of Migrants

The Hellenic Immigrant Forum (EFM) is a network of 42 immigrant organisations and communities in Greece for the protection of immigrants’ rights and equal employment and social integration.

Red Umbrella Athens

Provides free prevention and empowerment services to women (trans & cis) and male sex workers at the Day Care Center.


Facilitates the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece, by providing services such as interpretation, accommodation for unaccompanied children or legal aid to asylum seekers.

Syrian American Medical Society Organisation

Provides medical care and treatment to every patient in need.


Support the elderly, refugees and other socially vulnerable groups who do not have access to their medicines.

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