Mi-Health Europe is a policy and advocacy collaborative that strengthens the capacity of European migrant communities to engage with services and to influence healthcare policy and practice.

Our Vision

A Europe in which all migrants are able to realise a healthy and safe life.

Our Mission

Promoting an inclusive, empowered European community of frontline organisations and services working with migrants by building capacity, influencing policy, collaborating and sharing best practice and expertise.

Our Values

Mi-Health Europe and its partner organisations are committed to promoting the following values in all that we do:

  • Empowerment: we believe that migrants equipped with accurate, relevant information and resources are best able to navigate their journeys and express their agency in order to make the healthiest, safest decisions
  • Collaborative: we advance research, policy and actions rooted both in the lived experiences and expertise of migrants living with HIV and other conditions and the support of an engaged community of advocates to ensure that our work reflects the needs and experiences of diverse groups of migrants across Europe
  • Inclusive: we recognise that creating a powerful and lasting community for change involves ensuring that all migrants, regardless of nationality, immigration status or health needs, and migrant health advocates from across Europe are able to both contribute to and benefit from our work
  • Accountable: we ensure that our efforts, through supported by several intersecting stakeholders, are mission-driven and led by, for and with migrants and those living with HIV

Our History

Mi-Health Europe was initiated by Africa Advocacy Foundation following consultations with individuals and services within migrant communities in various European countries. We heard their experiences of accessing healthcare and of the intersecting barriers challenging that access, and we recognised that establishing a collaborative platform would be an ideal first step towards empowering migrant communities and inspiring change.

We believe that migrants themselves are best able to navigate their journeys when equipped with accessible, accurate information. We maintain a comprehensive resource database to support refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in overcoming the many barriers that they face while navigating unfamiliar legal and healthcare systems.

We exchange best practices and knowledge and find innovative solutions to the common health, social and economic challenges that impact diverse groups of migrants in Europe in our Community of Practice.

We support working groups of migrant health advocates who advance research and policy that are responsive to the needs, concerns and lived experiences of migrants.

We strengthen our capacity for collaborative action and community mobilisation through trainings and activities.

Join us by contacting us or by emailing mihealth@africadvocacy.org

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